Mar 2, 2009


Dear Blog,

So I finally gave JC and TB the present my mom and I made them over Valentine's Day weekend. Which means I can finally tell you what it is.

If you've been to their home before you'll know that JC and TB have a lovely faux fireplace. The frame and mantle of it are painted white. The recess is papered with this lovely pale blue and white sort of chinoiserie paper. (Actually, now I'm feeling like maybe it isn't chinoiserie. But whatever it is, it's pretty!) And it has a lovely iron grill in front of it.

Now, I always thought the grill sort of looked like a birdcage. And I always told them they should stencil a bird inside. And also a cat outside, looking in at the bird. They scoffed at me. I can't say I blame them.

But then I had an idea! I would make them a birdie. A birdie named Birdie!

Then I saw this blog and knew this was the birdie for JC and TB. And there was a free pattern and everything! So on Valentine's Day weekend, when I was visiting my parents, I sorted through my mom's quilting fabrics and picked two, red floral for the top and bright blue for the belly, and we made a birdie. Well, to be honest, my mom did most of the work. But still, I helped. I'm such a crafter wannabe.

Here is Birdie, perched in her new home. Sorry I didn't get a close up. I wanted to let Birdie get adjusted to her new cage.

Tweet tweet.



Deborah said...

Wishing Birdie all the best in her new home!

liza zabloski said...

Aww. I'm sure Birdie would thank you if she could. Perhaps she should start a blog!